About Me

My name is Stefan. I am a creative and curious digital professional. Currently I am based out of NYC. What keeps me passionate about programming is the opportunity to create things that can help make the lives of others better.

Hire Me

My goal is to build and deploy solid, elegant, and understandable web applications.

If you like what you’re seeing, and need help with your online presence, you might be interested in hiring me to consult, develop, design, or strategize.

Collaborate With Me

I have never met another developer that I haven’t learned something from. In fact, I’ve never met another person I haven’t learned something from.

I am available to pair program, either physically in NYC or remotely via Skype, TeamViewer and Tmux. I love getting feedback, positive or negative and refining new approaches and techniques.

Away From Keyboard

When not coding I am eating. I love cooking and playing with my food. Sometimes I play guitar.